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Mediation (Arabuluculuk) is a method of dispute resolution available to parties. Mediation is essentially a negotiation facilitated by a neutral (licensed) third party. Unlike arbitration, which is similar to a trial, mediation doesn’t involve decision making by the neutral third party (The Licensed Mediator).

When to Mediate?

Is Mediation Right for me?

When parties are unwilling or unable to resolve a dispute, one good option is to turn to mediation. In mediation, the disputing parties work with a neutral third party, The Licensed Mediator, to resolve their disputes.

In Turkey, The Mediator should be licensed from the ministry of justice.

What Next?

After a Mediation

If a resolution is reached, mediation agreements may be oral or written, and content varies with the type of mediation. Most mediation agreements are considered enforceable contracts. In some court-ordered mediations, the agreement becomes a court judgment. If an agreement is not reached, however, the parties may decide to pursue their claims in other forums.

Introducing Mediation

Solving Disputes by Professionals and Licensed Lawyers

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